Bleeding Control Kit Cabinet


A bleeding control kit cabinet is a great way to protect your life and empower bystanders in the event of an emergency. They store the tools necessary to stop a bleeding emergency. You can purchase bleeding control kits separately or invest in a cabinet that houses a collection of kits. The cabinet is aesthetically pleasing and meets the Texas Mandate HB496, and it houses four Bleeding Control Public Access Nylon Kits. The cabinet is made to be secure and can be placed indoors or outdoors

The Public Access Clear Wall Case by North American Rescue is a durable polycarbonate cabinet designed for bleeding control kits. Designed for bystanders and first responders, this kit is easy to use. It features highly visible bleeding control kit placards and Instructions for Use on the interior back panel. To make sure that the kit is always within reach, the cabinet is built to last for many years. Once the kit has been stocked, it will be ready to respond to an emergency.

When preparing your bleeding control kit cabinet, you should keep some supplies nearby. Having Ballistic Plate Carriers within reach is a great way to ensure that you and your community are ready for any emergency. Major wounds, trauma, and other major incidents require quick action to contain blood loss until emergency services arrive. Major injuries, such as car accidents, work accidents, and violent crimes, often result in a significant loss of blood. Bystander intervention can improve a patient's life by controlling bleeding.

An Emergency Bleed Control Kit Cabinet can be accessed by a code provided by the emergency services. It includes hemostatic dressings, gloves, tourniquet, chest seal, and other items necessary to help control a bleeding emergency. It is a revolutionary device and the first of its kind to be installed in a hospital. It is hoped that more hospitals will implement one in their facilities. In the meantime, a bleeding control kit cabinet should be available in every hospital and public place. Stop The Bleed Cabinet  was developed to support the Stop the Blood Campaign, which encourages grassroots efforts to stop a bleed. 

A bleeding artery can cause death in less than three minutes. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of fatalities in the pre-hospital environment are related to hemorrhage. A Stop the Bleed kit includes supplies such as a tourniquet and hemostatic dressing. If you're planning a sporting event, a STOP THE BLEED kit is the best way to protect yourself from bleeding emergencies. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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